Getting Iran Out of Syria: The Dayan Formula

In a recent press conference, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett presented a goal for IDF activity in Syria: “To cause Iran to give up its attempt to entrench itself in Syria.” Unlike the common tendency toward ambiguity in defining strategic objectives, Bennett dared pronounce a clear and measurable goal. But is the goal he presented achievable? And is it right to declare a strategic goal in that way?

Source: Getting Iran Out of Syria: The Dayan Formula

Cal Thomas: Impeachment effort motivated by Dem fears that strong Trump economy will hurt them in elections

It is more than fear of a strong Trump economy hurting Dem elections. Dems in office are talking heads for a NWO. It is necessary fo the U.S. to tank to force it into a one world monetary system, a one World government rewrite our constitution, and forfeit our sovereignty

President Trump slams another impeachment witness as he denies witness intimidation