Berlin: Capital of European Antisemitism

And how does this surprise you? This comes out of the filthiest country on earth, Germany.   German bastards started both world wars and then the gutless bastards cried and whined until the world rebuilt them. Let Germany rot in int’s own filthy hell. Germany the most vile nation and people ever to disgrace the earth.


Berlin has surpassed Malmö as Europe’s antisemitism capital, with a wide variety of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes on display. They include dozens of cases of physical aggression against Jews, including rabbis. Jewish pupils have had to leave public schools. Thirty-five percent of Berliners view Israelis as analogous to Nazis. An Al-Quds Day march takes place annually that calls for the destruction of Israel. Both the municipality and the federal government are two-faced  about the problem of antisemitism.

Source: Berlin: Capital of European Antisemitism

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