Devine: Dems have no intention of accepting second Trump term

‘If you think that they were sore losers in 2016, you ain’t seen anything yet,’ columnist says

Devine says Dems have no intention of accepting second Trump term

Dolly note: Pay attention to these phrases (Dems have no intention of accepting second Trump term.) Hillary Clinton telling Biden (“do not concede even if you loose”.) Al Gore, saying (” be assured we will remove trump from the white house.”) Read What they are telling you is this. The democratic party has never, does not now and will never support a free country. They will rule you, not govern you. That means that what you want, what you need, how you vote does not matter. They will rule you. You are their economic slaves. You mean nothing to them. Secondly government does not work and has not worked since 1860. Next you must understand there is ‘no law’. Law does not apply to government for they have gone far beyond their original status as servants of the people to become your rulers. Donald Trump is an actual return to constitutional government. They are desperate to get rid of him. Do not doubt that the democratic party will do whatever is necessary to keep a surf society of economic slaves to support their corrupt lifestyle. Racism is their primary tool. This is nurtured to divide you. This deflects from their corruption and allows them to focus on controlling you. Dumb down your schools so you are more easily controlled. Invent diseases to keep you locked away out of sight and controlled. Abortion and euthanasia to allow them to hand pick a society that is more easily controlled. The Democrats represent total control. WAKE UP JACK or it will be too late.

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