De Blasio cancels Macy’s parade because attendees ‘obey the law’: Seth Barron

Mayor targets ‘wholesome’ activities, Barron says.

“He kind of has these feckless responses [to that],” Barron said. “The Macy’s Day parade is a good example — this is an extremely popular national event. If we had it, it would signal ‘hey New York City wants tourists — maybe we can’t have everyone now but we are open for business [and] this is what the future holds.'”

Barron said de Blasio often targets “cheerful and wholesome” entities because patrons of those types of things tend to “obey the law.”

Dolly Note: De Balsio continues to support riots, encouraging ‘protesters to release their frustrations, even participating..

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio bans Thanksgiving Day parade crowds

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