New York issues $15,000 fines to Orthodox Jewish institutions over COVID violations

The religious spaces in Borough Park, the site of protests last week, weren’t shut down because police don’t have the authority.

Dolly Note: I do not know enough vulgarity to express my feelings about and to describe the BASTARD SONS-A-BITCH ANTI-SEMITIC brain dead, IQ of rat droppings de blasio. The son of a bitch salivated in participating in riots, praising the violence, murder and destruction targeting Jews and now the little wanna-be Hitler bastard steals and confiscates money from Jew. while the city paid a videoographer $7,500, to video tape the little bastard’s wife baking cookies. While New York burns and Jews are stripped of money and property the BITCH bakes cookies.

Orthodox Jews gather in NYC to oppose coronavirus restrictions

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