Democrats Allocated Votes Before the Civil War Based on the Three-Fifths Compromise Now They Allocate Them With Voting Machines

Dolly Note: this is what the democratic party has always been about and now it is a but economic slavery. I was born a raised a ‘Yellah Dog Republican‘. This means in the south ‘ I would vote for a ‘Yellah Dog‘ before I would vote for a democrat’ for they are the party of organized crime. SORRY JACK but that’s the way was and still is, even more so.

The drafters of the Constitution hit a wall when drafting the Constitution. Looking back, it may have all been about power then as it is now. The Southern states who became the forebearers of the Democrat Party had slaves and although their slaves had no rights, they wanted them accounted for in their votes. Naturally many in the North who eventually morphed into the Republican Party thought slavery was a crime against humanity.

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