List of top level traitors against the president of the United States and the American People

Mike Pence

Mitch McConnell

William Barr

Ted Cruz

Nancy Pelosi

Newt Gringrich

Old Pedi Chuck Schumer

Old demented, liar, plagiarizer,Pedi Joe Biden illegal president elect

Communist, liar, plagiarizer, Kamala Harris illegal VP elect

Rand Paul

Carl Rove

Lindsey Graham Remember when Lindsey Graham ‘BEGGED’ Trump for money for his campaign? I do.

and all members of both house of congress with ‘only exception of Crenshaw


Nicky Haley

Trey Gowdy

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Jerome M. Marcus

Rep. Lisa Murkowski. Alaska

Ilhan Omar– The Whore of Islam

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