Cuomo once pressured female reporter to eat an entire sausage sandwich in front of him

The interaction has provided fodder for critics who say the latest allegations against Cuomo follow a years-long pattern of the governor making inappropriate comments.

Dolly Note: What this means. This means if they can distract the public with Cuomo being a pg as most democrats in office have proven to be, they can deflect from his mass murder charges. Cuomo knew what he was doing when he deliberately tired to reduce the elderly nursing home population. Don’t think for a minute that wasn’t the reason. High income New Yorkers have been leaving in droves due to Cosmo’s failed economic policies and there is no money to pay for all the free stuff he has promised. What better way could there be to reduce nursing home costs across the state?

Cuomo denies inappropriate touching, says he was being 'playful' amid allegations

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