There Is probably no one who drinks more Coke-Cola than I do.  Born and raised in the south  with a truck driver/horse trainer/photographer father who didn’t drink coffee.  Now that’s unusual for a truck driver. Daddy drank coke-cola. I’ve been drinking it since I was 9 years old and that means everyday. I would not wish to venture a guess on how much money Coca-Cola has made from me. Several years ago I switched from Coke-Cola to diet Coke for the taste when Coke decided to destroy the flavour of original Coke. Now Coca-Cola has decided to play  the race card as an established anti-white racist corporation. I couldn’t believe it   when I read that Coca-Cola will engage no legal firms who do not employ at least 30% diversity employees. Never mind if they are qualified. The only reason for hiring and firing is race, no qualifications   other than  the colour of your skin. How sad that a successful company, established through hard work and a sincere caring about the consumers they ‘serve’ has now decided that the consumer serves them.

Bye Bye  Coke-Cola

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