Marco Rubio says Dr. Fauci should be fired, has done significant damage to public health

Dr. Fauci ‘sounds more like a political figure’ than a health care expert, says Sen. Rubio

Dolly Note: Fraudulent Fauci must be fired, charged, and prosecuted for crimes against the American people, a traitor to his country- colluding with China to infect the American people with disease- and infect them with life threatening vaccines and receive the punishment reserved for traitors.

Gain-of-function experiments are the sort of work that was being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology when the COVID-19 pandemic first started in China in late 2019 and some experts fear a lab accident is what led to the global outbreak that killed 3.4 million. In the 2012 paper, Fauci ‘AKA Dr. Mengele ‘the doctor of death’ . acknowledged the risky research could lead to serious lab accidents but the chance is rare and the work is “important” because it helps the scientific community prepare for naturally occurring pandemics. 

Sen. Rubio: Fauci is 'doing harm to, 'not helping' science

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