A ‘Real Muslim’ Tries to Run Down a Crowd of Jews With His Car in LA, and the Media Yawns

On Wednesday night at Shaarei Tefila synagogue in Los Angeles, a man showed up at a Sukkot holiday concert, looked around, and said: “I’m a real Muslim, I’ll show you what real terrorism looks like.” About twenty minutes later, the man returned in a car. According to The Algemeiner, he “allegedly accelerated down a one-way alley into a crowd of women and children” as the concert was ending. “The crowd of about 20 to 30 managed to jump out of the path of the vehicle before the assailant stopped short in front of a metal gate, yelled ‘f**k the Jews’ and left.” One of the most striking aspects of this entire incident is that The Algemeiner’s report is the only one you can read about it. Reuters took no notice. Neither did AP. The New York Times didn’t find it fit to print. Neither did the Washington Post, or CNN, or anyone else, including the hometown Los Angeles Times. It doesn’t fit the narrative.


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