by Dolly Miller-Brennan

Never has a need or time been so great as to recognize what is happening and the importance of addressing it before it becomes to late.

“Cultural Piety” is not just a phrase, it is real. We must recognize and outline some important identifying tools to aid us in the unprecedented cultural and spiritual changes facing us today. A sense of piety, previously reserved for faithful members of their religion has now been applied to American Culture as required to accept, what the culture dictates.

Every day we are being further and more deeply eroded. This is not American or even nationally directed as in a sense of national pride but, in fact eliminates any national and individual identification creating a new society that is extremely pious in regard to adapting and being subservient to all current cultural dictates that the state issues. This is referred to as political correctness. Political correctness has grown into political piety spawning a greater state of Culture Piety. As culture is temporary, this
Spawns a rapidly approaching stage of replacing G-d revealed religion with a deliberately crafted religion of the state that in fact has already occurred on several levels.

A government alone cannot effect these changes. There must be a degree of cooperation within the religious community.

To illustrate this intertwining direction can be found in a public statement issued by Hillary Clinton regarding abortion in the National Review in April 2015. “It’s not enough to legalize the procedure. …she said, per the Daily Caller, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”
November 2016: Pope Francis Grants All Priests the Authority to absolve abortions. The result in such subtle changes in religious authority is that society is encouraged to believe scripture is subservient to societal values, opening the potential for a non faith based religion.

Romans 1-32 though they know G-d’s decree, not to do such things, they not only do them but approve those who practice them.

Churches rejecting scriptural definitions of G-d’s word and replacing them with writings designed to reflect and approve the wants and desire of society are requiring us without criticism to accept these social directives, accepting them as scripture. If we are to avoid being ridiculed and ostracized then we must piously comply.

There is a dangerous moving toward producing a cultural captivity, requiring society to accept in a pious manner whatever socially accepted behaviour a government introduces. Cultural piousness allows no room for individual thought and left to extremes produces cultural piousests; reserving tolerance only for that which government approved cultural mores dictate.

While government acceptable religions are allowed to force other religions into submissions to their practices, differing religions for example Christianity, is forced into acceptance of that which violates their religious codes while being suppressed from voicing any opposition.

This is in fact a G-d-less enslaving.
We relate to slavery of the body, economic slavery but this is an enslavement of the spirit and the extreme danger of it is that while we think we are going into it willingly, we are actually being led by slowly and subliminally directed actions.

It is easy to recognize overt signs of cultural changes such as the elimination of Christmas in schools, but this did not happen overnight. It is necessary to be able to identify the subliminal cultural changes being embedded in the collective societal psyche and how they are producing a devolving concept of religion.

The current population control, managed population replacement movements, is a valuable tool in erasing and replacing, culture and religion. Once a culture, a national identity has been erased, a new “lack of identity” becomes easy to create. The lack of identity then becomes the identity, (The “identity of nothingness“.) “When you have no identity it becomes easy to accept whatever culture your government produces. This is aimed on a deeper level with the purpose of reducing world population to one level, easier to control and easier to replace G-d. When the state is the determiner, then the need for G-d can be eliminated, as also the need for a religious value system

Romans 1:22: Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
One of the most dangerous issues is that of the indoctrination of our children through a government run school authority.

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