PUZDER: Most terrifying part of Biden’s socialist spending bill isn’t cost, it’s this

Andy Puzder: Biden, Dems still eager to transform America into a welfare state

Democrats view the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to radically change America

This so-called “$3.5 trillion” reconciliation bill is a spending behemoth that would actually clock in at over $5 trillion if properly scored. Only accounting tricks and Congress’ arbitrary 10-year window for scoring budgetary impacts allows the Left to get away with using the lower figure. And that’s on top of the $1.9 trillion of spending included in the coronavirus relief package passed earlier this year, as well as the roughly $1 trillion “physical/human infrastructure” bill the Democrats are trying to pass in tandem with the reconciliation bill.

All of that spending would require massive tax increases, of course. The Democrats pretend that they will only target the rich. But, despite claims to the contrary, the rich already bear the brunt of our progressive tax system (already the world’s most progressive tax system) and simply don’t have enough money to pay for all this government spending. 

PUZDER: Most terrifying part of Biden's socialist spending bill isn't cost, it's this

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