Cultural Piety

by Dolly Miller-Brennan

It is important to understand that establishing a Cultural G-d did not happen overnight but was quite deliberately planed. In the United States requiring a committed sense off piety to government began to surface in earnest, pushed into acceptance by mainstream society in mid 2017.

Italian archbishop Luigi Negri on the 9th of January 2018 stated “There is a government and social movement seeking to normalize the concept of mass immigration, because this serves the great globalized economy, one of whose objectives is to create a low-paid immigrant workforce ideologically driven to seek a homogeneous culture where everyone thinks the same.”

This creates a non-identity whereas personal identity with Christ is the corner stone of Christianity.

Archbishop Negri further stated “it is essential to highlight the economic, human and cultural costs of immigration, since failing to do so means caving into ideology…leading to a crushing extermination of our society. Today there is a connivance between a certain Christianity and the secularist society, which the Church seems no longer able to say ‘no’ to which will lead to the extermination of Christianity. Far worse than the personal moral failings of a few people is an ideological error that leads to doctrinal inconsistency in the Church.”

To see this has already been happening in real terms, on the 26th of October 2017, the Vatican cut a deal with the Chinese Communist Party and subsequently asked legitimate bishops faithful to Rome to “step aside” to be substituted by members of the collaborating Patriotic Association. Writing for Asia News, the official outlet of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, John Baptist Lin stated that an unnamed “foreign prelate” from the Vatican had met with two Chinese bishops, Pietro Zhuang Jianjian of Shantou and Giuseppe Guo Xijin late last year and requested that the two yield their dioceses to illegitimate bishops, who had previously been excommunicated by Rome.

Political correctness dictates support of abortion, combing religions, eliminating gender identity, requiring schools to form children in the image of government, because society demands the church bend to their wishes. This in turn creates a sense of cultural piety, a pious reverence for the dictates of societal and government constructs.

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