MSNBC actions in Kyle Rittenhouse trial could sway the verdict: Joe Concha.

JOE CONCHA: Let’s bring it back now to what happened yesterday, as far as MSNBC being banned. You can make the argument, Pete, and it’s a good one, that MSNBC is attempting to obstruct justice here. Right? Because if the jury is aware that they’re being followed, that’s intimidation. That’s harassment, and this isn’t Antifa. It’s allegedly a national news organization which for weeks has been saying that sort of stuff that we just played. These actions could sway the way they vote in this trial, as far as following the jury. These orders usually don’t happen on a low level, by the way. I could waste everyone’s time and list the reasons around the need for an internal investigation carried out by a third party. But why bother? MSNBC’s going to wait this out, and they know that most media reporters and those who cover the industry will not call them out on it, because they tacitly agree with the tactics here and align with the network ideologically. It’s a whole bowl of wrong.

Joe Concha: MSNBC incident at Rittenhouse trial could sway jury

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