Alec Baldwin asking for search warrant before handing over phone is ‘not cooperation’: legal expert

Dolly Note: I’m not an Alex Baldwin fan, of him as a person due to his public persona, and of course the persona is all we know; but to suggest Baldwin’s exercising his constitutional right to request a warrant is an admission of guilt is wrong. It is NOT an admission of guilt. When you use personal opinion to validate depriving one of his/her rights, to pronounce one guilty, puts you below the level of the one you are accusing. If you expect to be granted your rights, you cannot withhold them from another. I have less respect for the person withholding them than for the individual requesting them. Also Baldwin has not yet been charged with anything. And to declare one guilty when you were not there is despicable. This is a prime example of totalitarian thinking. No need for investigation because I have pronounced you guilty. Is it any surprise with these kinds of statements, that we have the regime in place that we do, today? How we love to denigrate others to elevate ourselves.

Alec Baldwin asking for warrant in shooting death probe is 'not cooperation,' legal expert says

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