REVEALED: Biden tucked $500million bid to build more electric vehicles into the Ukraine aid bill by giving more funds to look for critical battery minerals

The $40 billion Ukraine aid bill included $20 billion to fund direct transfers of advanced weapons systems to Ukraine, $8 billion in general economic support, $5 billion to address food shortages across the globe and over $1 billion in support for refugees, in addition to the $500 million for mineral production. The bill passed 86 to 11 in the Senate.

Both Biden and Ukrainian leaders had said that the $40 billion emergency aid package was essential for Ukraine’s war against RussiaTucked into that package was half a billion dollars to be allocated under the Defense Production Act to companies obtaining critical battery minerals That’s in addition to the $750 million DOD was authorized to dole out to mining companies when Biden first invoked DPA for critical mineralsThose funds also build on the $7 billion in federal funding from the bipartisan infrastructure bill last year

Dolly Note: The only Republican senators you can trust. If their name is not here you cannot trust them.

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