Dolly Note: I see Donald Trump as the only real choice for president 2024. Donald Trump alone has the global financial experience to bring this country back. This elevated business experience equally makes him a superior negotiator. And while I like DeSantis he doesn’t have this in-depth expertise.

DeSantis is without doubt one of the best politicians in this country if not the best. However we don’t need a politician at this point to lead the country. We need a Trump.

There is aura of authority and toughness about Donald Trump which is essential in a leader on the world stage. Like it or not to protect his country, a leader needs to be feared. I would love to see a Trump/ DeSantis ticket. However for Florida to lose DeSantis at this time would be an utter tragedy. Florida desperately needs an honest effective politician who can deliver; someone who knows how to work the political landscape on a state level. DeSantis is a role model for other state governors. I can see DeSantis following Trump as president but right now, I see Donald Trump as the only real choice to lead this country..

Donald Trump has also been on the inside of every elite social Circle in the United States. This is why they’re terrified of him. He knows everything. He has chosen not to destroy people but his knowledge of them which is to a his credit.

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