DAN WOOTTON: Why are the left, the BBC and the blob so desperate to depose Suella Braverman for telling the truth about the illegal migrant crisis? Because if she stops the boats, the Tories have a chance of winning the next election

I’m sure you’ve noticed but Westminster is gripped by a deranged witch-hunt against Suella Braverman (pictured yesterday)

Do I believe for a moment a globalist politician like Sunak shares Braverman’s world view? Nope. But his own political future could be determined by whether she succeeds against all odds versus the left, the BBC and the blob
So out of touch with the feelings of the public, the elites have become more concerned about the forthright language used by the new Conservative queen of the right than by the 40,000 who have arrived so far this year alone by small boats via the Channel, often smuggled by despicable human trafficking gangs, with many being set up for a life of crime in prostitution and drug rings or even terrorism right here in Britain

A shower facility at the Manston processing facility in Kent – where migrants are only expected to stay 24 hours


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