‘Shocking’ video exposes school officials plotting to ‘trick’ Ohio parents, teach CRT

Ohio school employees reveal how they can covertly push critical race theory even if the state bans it

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” Matthew Boaz, the executive director of diversity, equity and inclusion of Upper Arlington Schools, said. “You can pass a bill that you can’t teach CRT in a classroom, but if you didn’t cover programming, or you didn’t cover extracurricular activities or something like that, that message might still get out. Oops.”

“If we have a certain content that we want to share with students, and they see one in word the language, it’s like, oh, no, we can’t do that,” Hillary Staten, an administrative assistant for Groveport Madison schools, said in the video. “We have some parents… they don’t fully understand. So… it’s when we trick them, you know?”

“As a teacher, I’m more interested in teaching, making sure they know how to read right, do their math,” Pultz said. “In our district and in many I know across Ohio, the academics have decreased significantly because so much is spent on teaching cultural issues as opposed to teaching the basics.”

'Shocking' video exposes school officials plotting to 'trick' parents, teach CRT

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