REVIEW: What I Learned Watching ‘The 1619 Project’ on Hulu (Episodes 3-6)

Nikole Hannah-Jones explains ‘Music,’ ‘Capitalism,’ ‘Fear,’ and ‘Justice’

I also know that anyone—Nikole Hannah-Jones, for example—who charges a public library $900 per minute to tell an audience of bourgeois liberals that the United States is “one of the most unequal societies in the history of the world” might not value historical accuracy as much as other things. What I do know is that America’s élite universities are among the most radical purveyors of anti-anti-segregationist racial sensitivity nonsense, and among the quickest to quash even the slightest dissent in the ranks. In this context, the fact that several history professors from Yale, Princeton, Brown, and Northwestern felt strongly enough to criticize The 1619 Project for its historical “errors and distortions” is profoundly damning. I’ll take their word for it.

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