A Pledge for July 4


we encounter days of darkness;Virus tyranny from abroad;Criminality andInsurrectionists at home; With inner strength, and Lightfrom above, we shall endure andprevail above adversitiesAs we honorably salute America’s Founding Fathers and our legacy of

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Germany’s Continuing Anti-Semitism Problem


And you were expecting something else from the most vile,filthy evil country on the face of the earth?  Germany has always been, is now and will forever be a scourge upon the earth because GERMANS want it that way..

The German government’s new report flies in the face of major EU reports… German statistics on anti-Semitism have been the object of criticism for quite some time. ‘The majority of [anti-Semitism] cases in Berlin are attributed to right-wing extremists

Source: Germany’s Continuing Anti-Semitism Problem