Dutch Euthanasia Doctor Warns Britain against … Euthanasia

Dutch Euthanasia Doctor Warns Britain against ... Euthanasia

Italy: Muslim who murdered and attempted to behead priest is from ‘Islamic hotbed,’ Pope calls him a ‘headache

Dolly Note: Christians are being massacred and this Imam kissing, bowing toward Mecca, declaring we need a one world financial order with teeth in it, Soros supported and propped up, calling Jews terrorists, says there is only one religion ‘Chrislam’, lives behind Vatican walls, says Trump is inhumane and must open all borders, that open border’s supersede national security Pope says it gives him a headache?


Trying to Forecast Post-COVID Society


In times of major uncertainty it is important for the strategist to define key issues that could be relevant in shaping the future. By following their developments and gradually adding additional subjects, one can get a clearer picture of where society is headed. The longer the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, the more likely it is that there will be major areas in which the post-virus reality differs significantly from the pre-virus reality.

Source: Trying to Forecast Post-COVID Society