Cultural Piety


Dolly_World is exicited to present a powerful speaker who has developed and presents an understanding of the rapidly encroaching phenomena of Cultural Piety.

Cultural Piety is not just a phrase, it is real. We must recognize and outline some important identifying tools to aid us in the unprecedented cultural and spiritual changes facing us today. A sense of piety, previously reserved for faithful members of their religion has now been applied to American Culture as being required to accept what the culture dictates.

Every day we are being further and more deeply eroded. This is not American or even nationally directed as in a sense of national pride but, in fact eliminates any national and individual identification creating a new society that is extremely pious in regard to adapting and being subservient to all current cultural dictates that the state issues. This is referred to as political correctness. Political correctness has grown into political piety spawning a greater state of Culture Piety. As culture is temporary spawning a rapidly approaching stage of replacing G-d revealed religion with a deliberately crafted religion of the state that in fact has already occurred on several levels

A government alone cannot effect these changes. There must be a degree of cooperation within the religious community
There is a dangerous moving toward producing a cultural captivity, requiring society to accept in a pious manner whatever socially accepted behaviour a government introduces. Cultural piousness allows no room for individual thought and left to extremes produces cultural piousests; reserving tolerance only for that which government approved cultural mores dictate.

This presentation is must for any organization of faith.

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