Psaki dismisses concerns over Biden’s recent hacking

Psaki dismisses concerns over Biden's recent hacking


California teacher hangs ‘F— the Police,’ ‘F— Amerikkka’ posters in classroom
Los Angeles Unified School District district says posters ‘will be taken down’: A parent at Alexander Hamilton High School slamming the “disgusting brainwashing of students with taxpayer dollars” shared photos with Parents Defending Education, a national nonprofit, that were taken inside his child’s classroom. 


Teacher puts up profane, anti-American posters in class at taxpayer’s expense

Daily Covid ‘Vaccine’ Deaths: 70. Verifiable Lives Saved by ‘Vaccines’: 0.

An inconvenient fact is being suppressed. In countries like the United Kingdom or Israel where the double- and triple-vaxxed are dominant, they are seeing spikes in hospitalizations. This directly and unambiguously debunks claims that the vaccines are working, yet cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias have the pro-vaxxers performing mental gymnastics to explain it all away.

Another series of inconvenient facts exist in VAERS data. People are definitely dying from the vaccines. There are far too many reports to conclude that they’re all just lies or misunderstandings. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that only 1%-10% of actual adverse reactions to the vaccines are reported to VAERS, which means the total dead is almost certainly much higher than what anyone is saying

Daily Covid 'Vaccine' Deaths_ 70. Verifiable Lives Saved by 'Vaccines'_ 0.