Chase Bank shuts down ‘alt-right’ accounts


‘Bolder and More Brutal’:

And How many times do you have to be told about Germany? It is Germany that imported this muslim horde into Europe. It is Germany that has started both world wars and Germany that incites every other country to war.

Bolder and more violent antisemitism is what Germans want. Rue the day they rebuilt Germany and the lazy useless bastards still expect us to support them.

‘Bolder and More Brutal’: New Report Shows Steep Increase in Antisemitic Violence in German Capital | Jewish & Israel News
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German Government: Anti-Israel, Pro-Iran

Supporting one-sided resolutions against Israel is not Germany’s only unfriendly act against the Jewish state. Chancellor Angela Merkel has put pressure on other European Union states so that they do not transfer their embassies to Israel’s

Oh please someone tell the Fing Germans to STFU. Every word put forth by Germany smacks of mental illness.

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