Maher tells liberal media to stop ‘scaring the s*** out of people’:

Bill Maher scolds liberal media for ‘scaring the s—t out of people’ over COVID: ‘They’re afraid to go out’

‘Liberal media has to take a little responsibility,’ Maher said

“You did get it,” Kimmel said, referring to Maher’s own bout with COVID. 

“I got it after I was vaccinated … and had no symptoms, that’s maybe because I was vaccinated,” Maher said

Maher tells liberal media to stop ‘scaring the s*** out of people’

Biden Administration Send Less than Half the Lifesaving Antibody Treatment Needed to Florida

The Biden administration this week began to cut the distribution of monoclonal antibodies to red states, such as Florida and Alabama, contending those states, including Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana, are comprising too big a share of the supply in recent weeks — 70 percent in a form of revenge against Republican governors whom the president vowed to get “out of the way.”

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about voting rights at the National Constitution Center on July 13, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Biden and Congressional Democrats are set to make another push for sweeping voting rights legislation as Republican state legislatures across the country continue to pass controversial voting access laws. (Photo …

Tyranny: U.S. Treasury Seeks To Monitor Every Bank Account With Over $600 And Report It To The IRS

On Thursday September 9th – the day President Biden announced his administrations new sweeping vaccine mandates – the Treasury Department unveiled a proposal to track and monitor all bank accounts that hold at least $600.

Congress And Senate Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate


Former Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks Out against Assisted Suicide

“We should note that fear of such pressure within the medical system may discourage seriously ill patients from seeking appropriate medical help; the issues of doctor-patient trust involved are real,” Williams added.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks Out against Assisted Suicide