Boris Johnson quits as UK lawmaker after being told he will be sanctioned for misleading Parliament

Republican Says FBI Has Mole Called ‘One-Eye’ Who’s Feeding Info to Biden

Dolly Note: This ‘Getting Trump Frenzy is all about defecting from the obama/Biden criminal cartel whch rises to TREASON!

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), a member of the House Oversight Committee, took to Twitter Tuesday with a warning, writing, “The FBI is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family.”

DeSantis says Trump a victim of law enforcement ‘weaponization’ under Biden

Dolly Note: DeSantis jumping on Trump indictment to advance his chances,for with Trump in the picture he has none. What behind closed door role is One World Order, deep state DeSantis playing to destroy Trump. DeSantis is a dangerous man and I would write In Trump before I would vote for Slimy Slippery Ronnie.

DeSantis said his administration would ‘will bring accountability to the DOJ…once and for all’