Ghislaine Maxwell says authorities ‘allowed’ paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to kill himself in prison – but offers no apology to his victims as she gives bombshell TV interview from behind bars

Dolly Note: This woman is unrecognizable from her days with Epstein.

Her comments attracted the ire of victims’ lawyer Ms Bloom.

She told Good Morning Britain that Epstein’s victims ‘are disgusted and offended every time Ghislaine Maxwell opens her mouth and has an opinion on something ‘How does she know anything about that photo? Of course she would have never received an original of it – in court proceedings we work with photocopies. ‘I can tell you that Prince Andrew, when there was an active case against him, had every right to get the original, to send it out for testing, to prove the point it was a fake… and it never happened. ‘Instead he settled, reportedly for millions of dollars. And that’s where it’s going to end, it really doesn’t matter what Ghislaine Maxwell has to say about it.’

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